Archambaud IX of Bourbon

Archambaud IX of Bourbon
Died(1249-01-15)15 January 1249
Cyprus 22
Noble familyHouse of Dampierre
Spouse(s)Yolande I, Countess of Nevers
FatherArchambaud VIII of Bourbon
MotherAlice de Forez

Archambaud IX of Bourbon (died 15 January 1249), called "Le Jeune" ("The Young"), was a ruler (sire) of Bourbonnais in the modern region of Auvergne, France.

He was the son of Archambaud VIII of Bourbon. He married Yolande I, Countess of Nevers.[1] They had:

He died in Cyprus on 15 January 1249 en route to Egypt in support of the Seventh Crusade.[4]

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Archambaud IX of Bourbon
 Died: 15 January 1249
Preceded by Sire de Bourbon
Succeeded by

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